World Geography

Are you an expert in world geography? In this game you will find out the extend of your knowledge, in which you will be able to select a vary of game mode and get into more complicated levels to be a genius in Geography.

This application covers all nations in world, where you will be able to study with different kind of games, like locating the nation in the world map.

As well as nations we will find all capitals and important cities of all the world, there are over 600 of the most important cities in the world.

There are also over 500 geographical points in which we will find mountains, mountain ranges,  islands, lakes, seas, channels, gulfs, peninsulas and rivers. Where you will be able to play, with either questions about one of the groups (For example: world rivers), or selecting world global section to get any kind of question from all groups and question from all world physic map.

Moreover, we can learn where and in which continent or nation are the most symbolic places of the world. Over 200 places, such as Taj Mahal or the Roman Coliseum.

World nations flags do have an slot in this application. Where you will be able to study about their colors as well as which continent, nation, capital or city they represent.

Each game has 3 levels (easy, medium and difficult) in which each right answer scores according to level. You will get 10 points for each correct answer in easy level, 20 points in medium and 30 in difficult. The game consist in scoring maximum points in 100 seconds, taking into account that each incorrect answer takes 5 seconds out.

You will be able to challenge your friends for highest scoring.

If you fancy Geography you will find a new way to play and learn! You will be able to download the application in these languages: SPANISH, BASQUE, CATALAN, FRENCH,ENGLIH, GERMAN, ITALIAN, PORTUGUESE.