Numbers and Letters

Do you want your kids to learn in an easy and fun way?

Then this is your game! With this serious game, they’ll learn the numbers and the letters from the alphabet, in uppercase and in lowercase in many ways.

On one hand we have the letters. They'll relate uppercase and lowercase letters, learn their order and how t draw them. The mini-games are leveled in ascending skill levels, as they play, they'll unlock new levels. Before starting a mini-game instructions will show in the screen, and once they clear a level, they'll get a star score.

On the other hand, they'll learn the numbers, firstly from 0 to 9, how to pronounce them, their order and the way they are drawn. After that will be time for the numbers from 10 to 20. As explained before, the same instruction-score system will be used.

Using specially designed images and concepts, your kids will learn as they play in a fun and entertaining way.

You'll find 4 different versions in: Spanish, Basque, Catalan and Galego.